Sino Oko Bracelet

Sino Oko Bracelet

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Believed to be both an amulet and a talisman, the "sino oko" (blue eye) will both protect you and bring you good luck. Delicate yet strong, this bracelet encompesses one of the most enduring folk legends that has spread across civilisations and down from the ages. 

Bracelet length: 17cm (adjustable to 20cm)
Charm diameter: 10mm 
Weight(estimate): 1.18g
Material: 0.925 sterling silver bracelet. Eye is made from blue enamel and cubic zirconia. 

The Evil Eye 

Over the centuries, the Evil Eye has played a significant role in conceptualizing evil, identifying sources of hostility, explaining causes of illness and disaster, interpreting emotions and moral dispositions, regulating social relations, and reinforcing norms of moral conduct. 

Thought to be animated by some malevolent disposition such as envy, miserliness, greed, or malice, an Evil Eye is believed to convey, project, and cast forth negative energy to inflict misfortune or injury.

A measure taken to counteract the Evil Eye is carrying an eye amulet, called “сино око“ (blue eye)  as it is believed to be both a good luck and protective symbol. It is said that the one who wears it is protected from evil spirits. Mothers also place it near the baby’s crib for protection and to ward off evil.

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