Prilep Ruby

Fifty years ago, geologists confirmed that the sporadic deposits of aluminium oxide-corundum in the Prilep dolomitic marble were rubies. They originate from the metamorphic dolomites created in the Precambrian period, that is, from the beginning of the creation of our planet. These are some of the oldest known rocks, where unknown demiurge and tectonic processes shaped and gave birth to these marvels of nature.


The Prilep Ruby belongs to the economy class of precious stones; however, it has endemic characteristics and what makes it unique is its light pink or pink violet colour, which is drastically different from the Asian and African pigeon-blood coloured rubies. The Prilep Ruby represents a unique miracle in the whole region of Europe. Macedonia is the only country in mainland Europe to have naturally occurring rubies.


The Prilep Ruby is a relatively new find, with production being largely neglected. Positioned as the national gemstone of Macedonia, it is now used as a diplomatic present from Macedonia and has been gifted to Pope Benedict XVI, the great Indian yogi Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranand and Hollywood actors Warwick Davis and Daryl Hannah. At Nas Nakit, we are proud to increase awareness and promote the Prilep Ruby.

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