Karta Luksus Necklace

Karta Luksus Necklace

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Keep Macedonia close to you heart with the Karta Luksus Necklace. This necklace pays tribute to our fatherland and the dream of a united Macedonia. The perfect gift for those who want to honour our origin and keep a little piece of home with them wherever they go. 

Necklace length: 42cm
Dimensions (pendant): Small- 1.5cm(W), 1.4cm(H); Large- 2.5cm(W), 2.4cm(H)
Thickness (pendant): 1mm
Material: Available in 9ct and 18ct rose gold
Weight (estimate): Small~3.28g (9ct) ~6.59g (18ct); Large~5.5g (9ct) ~11.03g (18ct)

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United Macedonia 

Throughout the course of history, the borders of Macedonia have changed significantly over time. It is without a doubt, however, that it is the borders of modern Macedonia formed during the Ottoman rule that Macedonians feel an affinity towards. This is because it not only firmly includes much of the ancient kingdom’s borders, but it was the most accurate in terms of demographics and language. 

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