Sfera Bracelet with Kutles Charm

Sfera Bracelet with Kutles Charm

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Classic style beaded bracelet with Kutles Charm and garnet gemstone. Beads are threaded on an elastic material to allow flexibility. Symbolise your allegiance to your heritage with a striking, vintage inspired piece that epitomises the most recognisable Macedonian symbol of all time and embodies the legacy of our ancestors.  

Bracelet length: 18cm
Charm diameter: 21mm 
Bead diameter: 8mm
Material: 0.925 sterling silver beads and charm. 

The Macedonian Sun

Although it bears many names such as the Macedonian Sun, Agread Star, Vergina Star, or Star of Kutles, this symbol has stood the test of time and has always been the centre of every Macedonian's heart and soul.

Cherished for almost 3000 years by Macedonians everywhere, the Macedonian Sun is without a doubt one of the oldest, if not the oldest surviving cultural symbol in the world. 

Appearing on coins, military equipment, and art of the ancient Macedonian Kingdom, it has continued to be the national insignia of the Macedonians throughout history to modern times.

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