Umetnost Bangle with Delcev Charm

Umetnost Bangle with Delcev Charm

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Our boldest bangle yet. This solid, heavy golf bangle has a traditional yet sleek design and is a jewellery box staple. It encompasses beautiful old world charm and is handcrafted in solid 0.925 sterling silver. Make a statement with this piece that pays homage to one of the greatest heroes of our history and acknowledges the struggles and successes of our forefathers. 

Charm diameter: 21 mm 
Bangle thickness: 6 mm
Materials: 0.925 sterling silver

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Who was Goce Delcev?

Acknowledged as a national hero, Goce Delcev was one of the most important sons of Macedonia. At the turn of the 20th century, Delcev dreamt of a free and independent Macedonia during Ottoman occupation. He was considered a legendary visionary and revolutionary figure, whose brilliant career was entirely dedicated to the cause of his nation. 

At a time when the Macedonian people yearned for their own national identity after over 500 years of Ottoman occupation, Delcev joined the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO). He mobilised this secret society to spread the spirit of freedom and awaken the sentiments of patriotic sacrifice for a revolutionary war to be fought solely by Macedonian forces. 

His virtuous heroism and ideologies are incorporated in the Macedonian collective consciousness, and perpetuate through to the generations of proud Macedonians today.

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