Giving Back

At Nas Nakit, we want to help strengthen and support the communities that support us. 

One of the ways we do this is by supporting groups and charities that are important to our customers or that make a difference to the lives of our fellow Macedonians. We donate 5% of the profits of every sale on the 1st of every month to support programs that promote the interests and needs of Macedonians and Macedonian communities worldwide.

After you have made a purchase, you will have the opportunity to choose which of our carefully selected charities and organisations you would like your contribution to go towards. Weaving philanthropy into our business model represents a powerful opportunity to create new funding streams that positively impact Macedonian communities around the world.

Whenever you buy one of our pieces, know that you're making a difference.  


Charities and programs we support:

United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD)

  • Safeguarding the rights of all Macedonians around the world
  • Unifying the Macedonian Diaspora
  • Collaborating with the greater international community by promoting universal ideals of peace, freedom, self-determination, equality, and justice
  • Promoting the ethnic Macedonian heritage and identity
  • Preserving Macedonian traditions via educational, social, and charitable programs

      Generation M (GEN M)

      • Generation M is the United Macedonian Diaspora's next-generation program educating, empowering, and uniting Macedonian youth around the globe.